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Fire Stop HILTI Intumescent (Passive firestop)

Fire Stop HILTI Intumescent Indonesia

Elastic Firestop Sealant CP 601 S
Firestop Joint Filler CP 606
Firestop Mastic CP 611A
Dispenser for CP 601 S, CP 606, CP 611A
Mortar CP636
Intumescent Collar CP 643 N
Wrap Strip CP 645 & CP 648
Cushion CP 651N
Firestop Plug CP 656
Firestop Brick CP 657
Foam CP 660
Intumescent Coating CP 670
Joint Spray CFS-SP-WB (Successor of CP 672)
Cable Coating CP 678
Cable Coating CP 679 A
Insulationg Foam

selain produk fire stop kami pun menjual core drill, mesin coring, dengan berbagai merk seperti, hilti, hakken, sega, china, dan taiwan.

Fires following earthquakes represent a major risk, both for the safety of human lives and for the protection of facilities and assets. The correct compartmental fire stopping has traditionally been a weakness.

The goal:
  • Avoiding the negative effects of broken service connections
  • Reducing the spread of fire and smoke
  • Assuring the integrity of compartments and joints against fire
  • Installing systems in walls and floors that are impermeable to smoke
  • Continuity of important operations and supply systems

Building owners, architects, specifiers and installers are required to seal fire-rated walls and floors. Building types where performance of firestopping is critical following a seismic event include:
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Utilities
  • Telecom facilities

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