Kamis, 13 November 2014

Jual Beli Epcon A7 Acrylic Adhesive Angkur

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A7 Cartridge
  • A102
The acrylic resin and hardening agent are completely mixed as they are simultaneously dispensed from the dual cartridge through a static mixing nozzle, directly into the anchor hole. A7 can be used with threaded rod or rebar.
  • All weather formula
  • No drip, no sag, easy clean up
  • Fast and easy dispensing, even 28-oz. cartridge can be hand dispensed
  • Fast curing time, 35 minutes at 60°F
  • Not mix ratio sensitive for maximum consistency
  • Rods are easier to insert into the hole with A7 compared with other adhesives
  • Works in damp holes and underwater applications
  • Requires less adhesive — can be used in 1/16" oversized or 1/8" oversized holes
  • One formula for both hollow and solid base materials
  • NSF 61 listed.

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