Jumat, 27 Januari 2017

ADHESIVE ANCHOR HIT-HY 200 SYSTEM HANYA Rp. 300.000 / tube bila membeli minimal 20 tube plus gratis gun HILTI (Selama Persediaan masih ada)


Now you can set rebar, threaded rod and anchor rod, and internally threaded anchors up to 60 percent faster than conventional methods.
The Hilti Adhesive Anchor HIT-HY 200 System uses Hilti SafeSet™ technology. It’s an innovative self-cleaning or noncleaning process that virtually eliminates the risk of improper hole cleaning. Hilti Adhesive Anchors and SafeSet™ technology work in cracked or uncracked concrete and with anchor rods or post-installed rebar. That helps Hilti Adhesive Anchor products perform exactly as designed in every hole, every anchor, every time.
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